Class Organisation

Our admission number for each cohort is 50 children, which means we are at capacity when there are 350 on roll in main school. We also have a 52 place nursery which offers 26 part time places each morning and afternoon. Due to our PAN (Pupil Admission Number), we organise our classes into mixed year groups. Each key Stage has a team leader, who is a member of the SLT and the teams work closely together to plan activities and lessons and assess progress.

Classes are organised as follows:

Name Year group Teacher
Little Owls Nursery Miss Marsden
Robins Reception Miss Baines-Young
Wrens Reception / Year 1 Mrs Heathcote /
Mrs Clapham
Swallows Year 1/2 Miss Haughey
Kingfishers Year 1/2 Miss J Clifford
Woodpeckers Year 1/2 Mrs Kirkland
Mercury Year 3/4 Miss Young
Jupiter Year 3/4 Miss Risorto
Venus Year 3/4 Mr Taylor
Mars Year 5/6 Mr Fowkes
Saturn Year 5/6 Mrs Harrison /
Mrs Harris
Neptune Year 5/6 Mr Hodgson