Sports Update

The school team did us proud on their first outing at The Outwood Academy. They became joint winners and now go through to the finals to be held at Brookfield School on Wednesday 18th October. Good Luck boys!

Girls Soccerfest

We took an enthusiastic group of 12 girls from years 3 and 4 to The Outwood Academy for the girls soccerfest event. There was an inspiring special guest who plays for the England Under 19 squad! The girls had a great afternoon (despite the rain) and all enjoyed learning new football skills. Well done!

Bulb Planting in Holymoorside

On Friday 13th October, our Eco council helped members of our community plant Spring bulbs in the centre of the village.

They worked really hard and are  looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labours in the Spring. Well done to them all.

New School Year 2017/18

Our first assembly was all about how we can grow our brain and how to be the best learner we can.

We invited ‘Professor Ivan Idea’ to our assembly, to help us understand the chemicals in our brain and to explain how they help us learn.

The teachers and teaching assistants also took part in a quiz about the brain. Some were brainier than others!!

Here’s to fantastic year of learning.

Tennis success! Y3 & Y4

Children from Year 3 and 4 took part in a tennis tournament after having coaching lessons in school. They got through the heats and into the final, where they came a brilliant 2nd overall.
A big well done to them all.

Key Stage 2 French Day

We ended our year of learning French in Key stage 2, with a special day to show off our language skills and celebrate all things French.
We had a fantastic assembly where children performed French songs and taught us the phrases and words they had learnt. After the assembly, we enjoyed a French breakfast and spent the day learning more about France and the language.

Year 3 and 4 Chatsworth visit

To complete their topic work , Year 3 and 4 went on a visit to Chatsworth House. They viewed the exhibition of costumes, as they had been learning about the history of fashion in English lessons. They also toured the gardens, to look at the work of artist Michael Craig-Martin, whose work they had studied in art. Everyone really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot.

Come and Play with the Halle

On Wednesday 21st June, 40 members of our string orchestra joined children from other schools to play with the Halle Orchestra. It was amazing! They played lots of music we knew, which was a joy to listen to. They even played a piece of music on Fidget Spinners!

The following videos are from the Derby Arena Facebook Page and will not be viewable in school due to web filtering rules.

EYFS – Outdoor Learning Week

The EYFS children took part in an active Outdoor Learning Week. Throughout the week our phonics, literacy and mathematics sessions were all taken outside. We used the story Superworm by Julia Donaldson as a stimulus for our outdoor learning activities. Our Superworm activities included; going on a Superworm hunt, making our own Superworms to decorate our outdoor area, visiting Superworm’s potion making factory and learning how to skip and use a hoop like Superworm!

During the week we also took part in art projects which included observational art work of blossom trees, making blossom branches and creating an art based garden full of different mini-beasts. These are just a few of the fun outdoor learning activities the children took part in during the week!