Year 3 and 4 Chatsworth visit

To complete their topic work , Year 3 and 4 went on a visit to Chatsworth House. They viewed the exhibition of costumes, as they had been learning about the history of fashion in English lessons. They also toured the gardens, to look at the work of artist Michael Craig-Martin, whose work they had studied in art. Everyone really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot.

Come and Play with the Halle

On Wednesday 21st June, 40 members of our string orchestra joined children from other schools to play with the Halle Orchestra. It was amazing! They played lots of music we knew, which was a joy to listen to. They even played a piece of music on Fidget Spinners!

The following videos are from the Derby Arena Facebook Page and will not be viewable in school due to web filtering rules.

EYFS – Outdoor Learning Week

The EYFS children took part in an active Outdoor Learning Week. Throughout the week our phonics, literacy and mathematics sessions were all taken outside. We used the story Superworm by Julia Donaldson as a stimulus for our outdoor learning activities. Our Superworm activities included; going on a Superworm hunt, making our own Superworms to decorate our outdoor area, visiting Superworm’s potion making factory and learning how to skip and use a hoop like Superworm!

During the week we also took part in art projects which included observational art work of blossom trees, making blossom branches and creating an art based garden full of different mini-beasts. These are just a few of the fun outdoor learning activities the children took part in during the week!

EYFS – Mini-beast Hotel

During our Great Outdoor topic work the EYFS children loved learning about mini-beasts. We made our own mini-beast hotel so we could find out about the different creepy crawlies that lived around school!

Reception Trip to Whirlow Farm

As part of this terms topic, the Reception children visited Whirlow Farm in Sheffield. The children took part in lots of interactive activities including: pond dipping, a farm tour and they even got to act out the story of the Little Red Hen using different parts of the farm! Well done to all the Reception children for being super stars all day!

Writers’ Workshop

On the 15th of May, 10 of our Y6 children visited St Mary’s Primary school. They took part in a writers’ workshop hosted by the children’s author, Colin R Parsons. With the help of Colin, the children all wrote their own short stories based on the discovery of a mystical disc.

writers1 writers2

Reception – Supertato!

During the Spring term the Reception children learnt about Superheroes! As part of their literacy work they designed and made their own Supertato! The children even went on to write sentences about their superhero and created exciting character profiles for them!

IMG_5826 IMG_5835 IMG_5843

EYFS – Around the World Day

The Reception and Nursery children had a very exciting ‘Around the World Day’! The children tasted foods from around the world, learnt interesting facts about places and cultures, and also took part in creative activities linked to each country. The children had their own ‘Around the World’ passports which they used to visit each country. Every time a new country was the visited the children coloured the correct flag in on their passport! A very busy day for all the EYFS children who travelled around the world in one day!

IMG_0874 IMG_3531 IMG_5770 IMG_5774 IMG_5780 IMG_5786 IMG_5788 IMG_5801

EYFS- Firefighters Visit

The EYFS children had an exciting visit from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue! The children found out about fire engines, different parts of the fire fighters uniform and took part in a question and answer session with firefighters. Each child also got to try on a fire fighters helmet and they even got to spray water from the fire hose. A big thank you to the fire fighters who visited Robins and Wrens for the morning!

IMG_5349 IMG_5369 IMG_5416 IMG_5428 IMG_5446 IMG_5467 IMG_5473