Newsletter 1 – 7th September 2018

Dear Parents / Carers,

Firstly, a warm welcome back to everyone after an amazing summer and a special welcome our new Reception pupils and their families and new pupils joining us in other year groups. We are delighted also to have Miss Clifford joining the staff as a qualified teacher in Kingfishers and Mrs Bettney and Miss Rynott as Teaching and Learning Assistants. We are all looking forward to a wonderful year of fun, learning and progress. Another exciting project that is now underway is the development of the ‘Forest Schools’ site. Thanks to the generous donation from the PSA, we are now able to begin our first trial Forest School Course. I will keep you informed as the project progresses, but a big thank you to the PSA for their fundraising.

Year Planner With this newsletter, you should receive a copy of the year planner. This is as accurate as we can be at this time, occasionally dates do have to change and we will send a text or letter if there are significant changes. Please ensure that the office always have your correct contact details.

School Photographs Please note that individual and family portraits will take place on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 in the school hall. Parents who wish to bring their pre-school children to be photographed with their siblings should come to the hall at 8.30am.

Academisation Following the close of the official consultation period, the Full Governing Board resolved to continue to pursue Academy status, alongside Westfield and Old Hall and we heard over the summer that the DfE will now consider the application in September. We are not expecting any issues and will, therefore, be looking at a conversion date sometime in November or December. In the meantime, the lawyers for the Learners’ trust will be in school undertaking a building/land survey and they are also going to look at the whole issue of the Turning Circle, hopefully with fresh pair of eyes, and offer some advice to the Governing Board. As stated in the last newsletter, the Turning Circle will remain open until the Governors meet this term but I would urge everyone who is able, to investigate other options. Please note at the current time reception children may not use the turning circle.

Parent Consultation Evenings We have moved these forward, following feedback from parents, so that any issues are identified early and we have the maximum time to work with you and your child. Our first consultations will, therefore, take place before half-term on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th October 2018. We will also be trialling a new sign up system using ‘text2parents’ and will inform you nearer the time how to book an appointment.

Morning Registration The school day officially begins at 8.45am and all children should be in school by this time. Registers close at 8.50am. After this children risk being marked late or absent. Children must report to the office to ensure they are marked on roll. Late marks and unauthorised absences will be recorded. If on a rare occasion you are unavoidably late, please inform the office. Please could you also ensure your children know the rule that the field is out of bounds before and after school and that the play equipment is unsupervised.

School Uniform We would kindly ask that parents adhere strictly to our uniform code, especially with regard to PE. Children must have the right PE kit in school at all times, so they can access all PE lessons for their health and well-being. We will be monitoring this closely this year and thank you for your support in ensuring they are prepared. At the start of the year, please label all uniform clearly so that lost items can be returned quickly. Also may I remind you no jewellery should be worn to school except watches and small stud earings. We also politely ask that girls wear small headbands and bobbles, in school colours that reflect our uniform policy.

Junior playtime snacks Please can you ensure that any breaktime snacks provided for junior pupils are as healthy as possible. I appreciate that this is a grey area but we definitely do not allow nuts, crisps, sweets or chocolate. I leave the other things to your discretion but would welcome your support with this.

School Dinners Please note one week’s notice is required if your child wishes to change from school dinners to packed lunch, due to the pre-ordering of the food. This will also apply to those receiving the universal free school meal.

Karate Club at Walton Holymoorside school This popular and successful club runs from 9.30-10.30am on Saturday morning, in the school hall and is open to children from 6 years upwards. They currently have vacancies for new members. If you are interested, please call Nigel Briggs on 01246 567913. All the profits from the club are donated to school, for which we are very grateful.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Palmer-Coole