PE and Sport Funding Grant 2016-2018

In 2013-14 the government made available funds to support the development of physical activity and improve the health of Primary School pupils. In line with all schools, we now receive £8000 as a base grant and an additional £5 per pupil, each year. Following on from an internal audit and a questionnaire sent to parents and pupils in the first year, the PE and Sport Leader produces a detailed annual action plan of how we plan to spend the funds. A major part of the fund is allocated to membership of the Brookfield cluster ‘School Sports Partnership’ and through them we gain useful professional support and the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities and competitions. Our key objective is to ensure that the funds have a direct impact on provision and engagement in sport and therefore on children’s health and well-being.

Our PE and Sport Leaders are Mr Alex Fowkes (KS2) Mrs Jennifer Tingle (KS1/EYFS) and Mrs Louisa Eades (Coordinator and Admin. support).  Mrs Tingle is also a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

In 2016-17 we received £9,780 in sport premium funds.

At the end of 2016-17 we were very proud to achieve – The Gold Sainsbury’s School Games Award

In 2016-17 over 90% of our pupils were involved in extra sporting or health-related activities.

How did we use the funds in 2016-17?

  • Membership of the Brookfield School Sport Partnership
  • PE Planning online tool and assessment
  • New PE equipment for gymnastics and games
  • A full year of staff CPD for teaching Gymnastics
  • Release time for PE coordinator for monitoring and planning
  • Sports coaches for netball, tennis, kwikcricket, sportshall athletics and basketball
  • Transport to and from a range of sporting festivals and competitions for all year groups
  • Health and fitness activities e.g. change4life club, Balance Bikes EYFS /KS1 and orienteering
  • To train Bronze Young Ambassadors to lead sporting activities.
  • To train mini-leaders for lunchtime games and fitness activities
  • Change4Life champions trained and Teaching Assistant time to facilitate activities
  • New trophies, medals, stickers and awards to recognise and celebrate achievement in sport
  • Intra-school sport competitions
  • PE coordinator supply cover to organise whole school sports’ day for KS1 and KS2

In 2016-17 we took part in all the following events:

Competition/Festival/ Conference/coaching Year group Date
Go run for fun Year 2-6 October  16
Cross country Year 4-6 November 16
Table tennis U11 November 16
Key Steps Gymnastics KS1 November 16
Tag Rugby Year 5/6 November 16
Mini-Leader training Year 5 November 16
Winterfest sports Year 3/4 December 16
Key Steps Gymnastics December 16
Early Riders Scheme EYFS 2 January 17
Boccia January 17
Sports’ Hall Athletics Year 3/4/5/6 January 17
Bronze Young Ambassadors Year 5/6 January 17
Sports’ Hall Athletics February 17
Early Rider Races EYFS 2 February 17
Mini-Basketball Year 4/5 March 17
Orienteering club Year 1/2 March 17
Running Club Year 3-6 March 17
Primary Dance Festival Year 3/4 March 17
Primary Dance Festival Year 1/2 March 17
Change4life Festival Year 5/1/2 March 17
High 5 netball Year 5/6 March 17
Fun to Run Final Year 3-6 April 17
Tennis coaching Year 3-6 April 17
Kwik Cricket coaching Year 5/6 April 17
Football Coaching scheme Year 3-6 April 17
Infant agility Year 1/2 May 17
Adventurefest –mixed sports Year 3-6 June 17
Kwik Cricket competition Year 5/6 June 17
Mini tennis Year 3/4 June 17
Quad Kids Year1/2 June 17
Cycle training scheme Year 5/6 June 17
Sporty Spire Festival KS1 June 17

Financial commitments April 2016-April 2017

Activity Approximate commitment
Partnership working £1710
Transport to events £4000
Sport Leader supply cover £600
Sport Coaching/CPD £2500
Rewards and Trophies £300
PE planning tool £200
New PE equipment £1000
Teaching Assistant pay to accompany events £500
Total £10,810

(inc. underspend from 2015-16)

Our vision and detailed plans for spending the Sport Premium in 2017-18 are contained in a detailed action plan; they include:

  • Engage over 90% of all children in extra-sporting activities
  • Develop the playground for active playtimes and games
  • Quality staff CPD throughout school in Gymnastics
  • Engage Year 3 and 4 in the 5/60 health and fitness programme
  • Transport to and from events and competitions
  • Termly newsletter to parents 6 per year to inform and celebrate sporting events
  • Introduce new clubs and coaching for competitions
  • Continue to provide physical literacy interventions
  • Continue to provide Sport Leadership programmes; mini-leaders and Bronze Young Ambassadors
  • Develop change4life club and ‘healthy little ones’ club
  • Develop sport subject leader roles and support for administration.
  • Membership of Brookfield School Sports Partnership
  • Engaging a famous sporting person to inspire pupils