PE and Sport Funding Grant 2017-2019

PE and Sport Funding Grant 2017-2019
Well-being, Health & Positivity through Sport.

Since 2013 the government has made available funds to support the development of physical activity and improve the health of Primary School pupils. In line with all schools, we receive additional funding based on pupil numbers. Funding was increased in September 2017. Following an internal audit and a questionnaire sent to parents and pupils in the first year, the PE and Sport Leaders have produced a detailed annual action plan of how we plan to spend the funds. A major part of the fund is allocated to membership of the Brookfield cluster ‘School Sports Partnership’, through whom we gain vital professional support and the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities and competitions. Our vision for sport at Walton Holymoorside is based on our school vision statement ’WHPS’- Well-being, Health & Positivity through Sport’
Our overriding key objective is to ensure that the funds have a direct impact on provision and engagement in sport for all pupils and therefore on children’s long term health and well-being.

Our PE and Sport Leaders are Mr Alex Fowkes (KS2) Mrs Jennifer Tingle (KS1/EYFS) and Mrs Louisa Eades (Coordinator and Admin. support).

In 2017-18 we received £9,523 in sport premium funds + £5,296 in additional funds.
In 2017-18 over 90% of our pupils were involved in extra sporting or health-related activities.

How did we use the funds in 2017-18
• Significant development of the playgrounds for active playtimes and PE
• Provided quality, sustainable staff CPD throughout school in Gymnastics and Dance
• Engaged Year 3 and 4 in the 5/60 health and fitness programme
• Provided transport to and from events and competitions
• Introduced new clubs and coaching for competitions, including football
• Continued to provide physical literacy interventions
• Provided Sport Leadership programmes; mini-leaders and Bronze Young Ambassadors
• Developed change4life club and ‘healthy little ones’ club
• Developed sport subject leader roles and support for administration
• Annual membership of Brookfield School Sports Partnership
• Engaged a famous sporting person to inspire pupils to achieve their goals –Team GB athlete Beth Dobbin

In 2017-18 we took part in all the following events:

Competition/Festival/ Conference/coaching Year group Date
Football coaching and matches 4,5,6 All year
Go run for fun Year 2-6 October  17
Cross country Year 4-6 November 17
Table tennis U11 November 17
Key Steps Gymnastics KS1 November 17
Mini-Leader training Year 5 November 17
Winterfest sports Year 3/4 December 17
Early Racers Scheme EYFS 2 January 18
Sports’ Hall Athletics Year 3/4 January 18
Bronze Young Ambassadors Year 5/6 January 18
Early Racers Year 1 January 18
Sports’ Hall Athletics Year 5/6 February 18
Mini-Basketball Year 4/5 March 18
Orienteering club Year 1/2 March 18
Primary Dance Festival Year 3/4 March 18
Primary Dance Festival Year 1/2 March 18
High 5 netball Year 5/6 March 18
Fun to Run Final Year 3-6 April 18
Tennis coaching Year 3-6 April 18
Kwik Cricket coaching Year 5/6 April 18
Infant agility Year 1/2 April 18
Kwik Cricket competition Year 5/6 June 18
Mini tennis Year 3/4 June 18
Cycle training scheme Year 5/6 June 18

Financial commitments April 2017-April 2018

Activity Approximate commitment
Partnership working-BSSP £2,500
Transport to events £3,925
Sport Leader supply cover £600
Sport Coaching inc. football/ staff CPD £5,494
PE planning tool £200
Active playtimes /playground markings £1,500
Teaching Assistant to accompany events £800
Overspend 2016-17 £650
Total £15,669
Overspend 2017-18 £850

In 2018-19 we will receive £18,190 in Sport Premium Funding
Our vision and detailed plans for spending the Sport Premium in 2018-19 are contained in a detailed action plan; they include:
• Engage >90% of all children in extra-sporting activities
• Develop the school grounds for outdoor adventure education -Forest Schools Project (2018-2020)
• Achieve ‘Healthy School Communities’ Award 2018
• Keynote health and fitness week (Autumn Term 2018)
• Keynote outdoor earning week (Summer Term 2019)
• Quality sustainable staff CPD throughout school in PE/Games or an area identified by staff self-evaluation
• Participation in wide range of sporting events, festival and competitions
• Transport to and from events and competitions due to rural school site
• After school clubs and coaching for sport competitions
• Physical literacy interventions
• Introduction of the daily mile
• Improve participation in active travel
• Sport Leadership programmes; mini-leaders and Bronze Young Ambassadors
• Develop change4life club and ‘healthy little ones’ club
• Further develop sport subject leader roles and improved communication with parents and information board
• Membership of Brookfield School Sports’ Partnership September 2018-19