Snow Policy


Procedures to follow in the event of significant snow.

Our school will only close if the weather is so bad that the majority of staff are unable to get to school or we could not meet the health & safety guidelines required to keep our school community safe.

If you wake up to heavy snowfall please check your mobile phone for a text message from our School to Parents text messaging service. I will always try to make a decision as early as possible, as I am fully aware that a full school closure seriously affects child care issues. Please ensure the school has up to date mobile numbers at all times – thank you.

Please listen to Peak 107FM for an update on school closures, which are usually broadcast regularly during bad weather. However even if school is open, if you feel your journey would put you and your children at risk, please put your safety first.

If it snows heavily during the school day and the forecast is for continued snow, please collect your child as soon as possible. If it is not possible for you to pick up your child personally, please arrange for a friend or neighbour to collect your child. If neither of the above procedures are possible, please try and arrange for your child to go to a friend’s house, which is within walking distance of the school, until you can pick your child up later. I will always stay at school until all children are safely collected.

If your child normally goes home by bus, please ensure that he/she knows which of the above procedures they must follow, as the bus may be unable to reach the school.

Please make sure your child knows how they will be getting home.

During snowy or icy conditions the access to the school will be through the

entrances at the front of the school only. The footpaths to these entrances will be the only areas that will be cleared and gritted. Vehicular access may be restricted to staff only.

In icy or very snowy conditions the turning circle will be closed to parents, please park safely and courteously and walk into school.