Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion 

School Offer

Walton Holymoorside Primary and Nursery School is a fully inclusive school. We promote an ethos that recognises that all children are unique individuals with a range of strengths and needs.

‘Disabled pupils and those with Special Educational needs receive effective support so that they make good progress. Those entitled to extra support to meet individual education targets make rapid progress and grow as confident learners’ Ofsted 2014

All staff and Governors are committed to ensuring that, in line with the SEN Code of Practice 2014, we do our best to secure the necessary provisions for our pupils who have special educational needs.  Children at our school with SEND are fully integrated with their peers and have equal access to every aspect of school life.

At Walton Holymoorside we use a range of assessment strategies, alongside professional experience and judgement to ensure any children experiencing difficulties are identified early. Parents are always informed of any concerns and the school SENCo will offer advice to the teacher and liaise with any outside agencies.

Walton Holymoorside has full disability access into school and to all its internal areas, via lifts, with the exception of two upper junior classrooms. We have dedicated disabled parking bays and toilet facilities. Our curriculum and activities, visits and environment can be adapted so they are accessible to all.

We accept that the child has a right to be heard and children are encouraged to participate in decision making about the provisions to meet their educational needs.

The amount and type of support each child receives within school is dependent upon their individual needs. Some children will be supported in their learning by their class teacher or teaching assistant. For children with very specific needs a programme of study will be devised and they will have small group or one to one adult support.  All lessons  for children across the school are  differentiated  to meet the needs of learners and a range of teaching styles are used including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic teaching.

If your child’s teacher or the SENCo feels that a child needs specific additional support this will be documented on an Individual Education Plan (IEP). An IEP will identify and set out short term targets for the child and how they will be achieved. Children and parents will be involved in the planning and review of progress towards targets.

Some pupils with greater or more complex needs may have Educational Statement of Need or Educational Health Care Plans, these pupils will receive dedicated teaching assistant support and a range of provision outlined in their personal plan. These plans are currently reviewed annually with parents, pupils and outside agencies; all contributing to the review and future plans. Once children are on an EHC plan, reviews will be three times a year.

Our school receives support and advice from many outside agencies regarding supporting children with SEND; these include: Educational Psychology Service, Behavioural Support Services, Speech and Language Services, SSSEN Teachers, Physical, Visual and Hearing Support Services, Autism Outreach,  the School Nurse and Occupational Therapy.

Children’s progress across the school is monitored termly by the school’s SENCo to make sure provision for children with SEND is appropriate and they are progressing and developing as learners. Children’s well-being is given at the highest priority and the school has many resources and systems in place to support children with emotional and social needs. We are proud to now have ‘Positive Play’ established within school.

Transition points are carefully planned and children are well-supported when they move classes, phases and schools to ensure this process is as positive as possible and there is minimal disruption to the child’s learning and development.

Pupils say they feel well cared for and feel staff are ‘always on our side’. Ofsted 2014

All staff within school are committed to developing their professional skills through attending relevant training.

The teachers in school that over see the special educational provision are:

Mrs Webster SENCo

Mrs Heathcote Assistant SENCo

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