Turning Circle Policy

Walton Holymoorside Primary School
Turning Circle Policy

The aim of this policy is to reduce the risk of an accident involving a vehicle driven by a parent, carer, staff member or visitor on school’s turning circle.

Parents and carers of children at Walton Holymoorside Primary School are allowed to use the school’s turning circle (and access road) between the hours of 08:30 and 18:00 for dropping off, or collecting their child from school. However, no parents/carers vehicles should be moving on, or entering the turning circle until after the school bus has gone and other pupils have been collected by their parents.

Turning circle users must follow staff instruction at all times. These instructions may be verbal, or written.

Code of Conduct for Turning Circle Users
In using the turning circle, drivers must adhere to the following rules:

  • Speed limit on school property is 5mph MAXIMUM.
  • No movement of vehicles from 15:00 until the time the school bus departs.
  • Do not park on the turning circle.
  • Do not park on the access road.
  • Do not park, or wait in the disabled parking spaces, unless visiting school and displaying a valid badge.
  • All children must alight on the pavement side NEVER on the roadside.
  • Do not drop off, or pick up children on the access road.
  • No reversing.

Code of Conduct for Pedestrians
Pedestrians must adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not walk on the turning circle, or access road. The pedestrian crossing must be used at all times. Keep to the pavements.
  • Parents/carers should keep close control of children in their care.
  • Children in juniors should wait immediately adjacent to the junior classrooms and not next to the turning circle, or pedestrian crossing.
  • Children should walk and not run on all footpaths within school.
  • Pedestrians wishing to use the crossing should wait and give vehicles opportunity to stop before crossing.

Turning Circle Closure
The turning circle is closed for public access if either half of the school vehicle gates are closed, or if cones are placed in the carriageway of the access road.

It is Nursery Policy that children have to be collected in person and therefore parents/carers should not use the turning circle for picking up nursery children at the end of the school day.
Disabled Parking
Provision of disabled parking is primarily for the parents/carers of disabled children at school. Parents/carers who are themselves disabled are welcome to use the two spaces should they be visiting school and need to park their vehicle. However, parents/carers with disabilities who are picking up children are encouraged to use the turning circle.

In an emergency, school may allow parents/carers who are not normally entitled to a Disabled Parking Badge to use the disabled parking. This will only normally be allowed on a temporary basis to single adults with a child in Foundation Stage.

Disabled parking users are encouraged to NOT to move their vehicles between 08:30-08:50 and 15:00-15:20 to reduce the risk of collision.

In the event of any individual not abiding by the Code of Conduct, or committing an act on the turning circle that would be unacceptable on the public highway (e.g. driving whilst using a mobile phone, driving with an unrestrained child, ignoring pedestrians on the crossing, etc), then sanctions will be taken against the individual concerned. This may result in the individual being excluded from using the turning circle.

Further non-compliance will result in the closure of the turning circle for ALL parents/carers, other than for those who have children at school with a known disability.

The turning circle at the end of the day is operated on a voluntary basis. If insufficient staff are willing to volunteer, then the turning circle will be closed for all vehicle movements at the end of the day.

Bad Weather
If adverse conditions affect driving conditions on the turning circle, or access road, the turning circle will be closed. Adverse conditions would generally include snow and ice, but may also include heavy rain, fog and poor light conditions.

Emergency Vehicle Access
It is the responsibility of vehicle users on school property to ensure that access for emergency vehicle access is maintained at all times.

Staff Car Parking
The staff car park is for staff vehicles only. Visitors are encouraged to park on a Holymoor Road. Part-time staff CAN park on the turning circle, but only between the times of 09:00 and 15:00.

Access Road
In the event of the turning circle being closed, then the access road is closed too and should not be used for dropping off and collecting children, or performing u-turns.

Deliveries and School Trips
If possible, deliveries and collections from school should not be arranged between 08:30-09:00 and 15:00-15:30.

School trips should be arranged so as to depart from school either before 08:30, or after 09:00 and to arrive back at school before 15:00, or after 15:30.